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Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

Q: Do I have to be a resident of Manchester to play for MNSL?

A: No. We are focused on attracting players from our part of the city but we will accept players from other towns.

Q: Where will my child’s practices be held?

A: The exact location of practice will depend on the division the child plays in. Practices will be held at a location in North Manchester.  Please confirm practice location for you child’s team with the coach when he first calls you.

Q: Where will games be played?

A: For U12 and under MNSL games will be held at Livingston Field on either the Large Field, Small Field or the Track Field. Our website ( contains maps of the field as configured for play during the season. Once the schedule is complete and distributed, you can use the schedule to determine from the maps on the website the exact field location at the Livingston complex. Older divisions may play inter league games which may be held at Livingston or other leagues fields. Additionally, City and State Tournaments will be held at other locations. Please stay in contact with your child’s coach to confirm location prior to the day of the game.

Q: When are the practices and games?

A: The junior division plays once a week on Saturday mornings. The U6 - U19 teams practice once a week on a week day evening, and have games on Saturdays. The younger divisions play games earlier in the morning, starting at 8am. Practice days are up to the coaches to decide, and practices usually start around 5:30 and go for an hour. Once your coach is assigned, they will email you and your team directly to schedule the practices and share the game schedule with you.

Q: What if it rains?

A: MNSL will make every effort to play games as scheduled, even in less than perfect weather. We will not, however, compromise the safety of participants.  Please contact your coach directly in the event of inclement weather, check the website and the MNSL Facebook page for updates and cancellations.

Q: How are teams formed?


A: We use a balance of factors in creating fair teams including age, gender, school, town and experience.  All are taken into consideration to attain the goal of even teams but it is not an exact science. Under no circumstances will we allow requests to place players on certain teams as this impedes our objective to create evenly matched teams.

Q: How much will my child play during the game?

A: MNSL is a recreational league designed to focus on skill development and having fun. MNSL mandates that ALL players play at least half of each game, preferably at multiple positions. Our coaches are instructed to honor this tenet during the season.

Q: My child has never played soccer so we are new to the sport. Where should we start?

A: MNSL is focused on skill development for new and inexperienced players with the goal to have fun and develop a sense of pride and confidence in each player. We offer a terrific summer camp which is an ideal starting point for the first time player. Go to the Camp page for information and registration to The British Are Coming Soccer Camp (held annually in late July/early August).  Here are a couple of links to introductory material for families new to soccer with additional resources such as New Hampshire Soccer Association, United States Youth Soccer Association as well as others that provide good information on how the game is played. Ask your coach or any MNSL Board Member if you still have questions.

Q: My child has a disability.  Is there a place for us?

A: US Youth Soccer TOPSoccer is a program for players with special needs.  Please click on the TOPSoccer page on our website.

Q: I am interested in coaching my child’s team but have no experience, how can I become a coach?

A: Upon completing your registration form, you hopefully indicated your interest in coaching by checking the relevant box in the Parental Support section of the form. You do not need experience to be able to coach a team in MNSL. Have a positive attitude, the desire and ability to serve as a good role model for the players and the willingness to learn the skills necessary to be an effective coach. These 11 tips will point you in the right direction to get started.  Please note that not everyone who expresses an interest in coaching becomes a coach. It greatly depends on the number of teams we have and overall need. If you are selected to coach, you will be contacted by your child's Division Manager. Upon completing the Coaches Registration, including background check (nominal fees are either reimbursed or vouchered), MNSL requires all approved  coaches to participate in a Coaches Meeting, understand Concussion Protocol and acknowledge the Coaches Code of Conduct. The Coaches Meeting occurs prior to the first practice. In addition to this, there are a number of resources that are available to help coaches with drills and rules of the game. Check out our Coaches page for more information.

Q: I have an older child who is interested in refereeing, how can I sign him/her up?

A: NH Youth Soccer manages all Referee Certifications.  Please click here for more information and to see upcoming training times. You can also reach our Director of Referees for more specific information.

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