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Player Code of Conduct

To provide guidance to players, parents, and coaches, The Greater Manchester Inter-league has issued this Player Code of Conduct which shall be adhered to at all times.

1. I will treat teammates, coaches, opponents, and spectators with a high level of respect.

2. I will play by the rules of soccer and practice good sportsmanship.

3. I will follow coaching direction and not be disruptive during practices or games.

4. I will be on time for games and practices and will notify my coach or team manager if I cannot attend. 

I will make every effort to attend all games and practices.

5. I will train to the best of my ability.

6. I will not argue with officials, coaches, spectators or players, on or off the field.

7. I will not use unnecessary rough tactics in games or practices.

8. I will not participate in abusive or violent behavior of any kind or use foul, abusive or derogatory

language, obscene or vulgar gestures towards any official, coach, player or spectator, whether on or off the field.

9. I will not use or possess illegal drugs, alcohol or tobacco, and I will not abuse legal drugs (like Tylenol or cough syrup).

10. I will treat home and away fields and equipment with respect and all of my litter shall be removed following practice and games.

Please sign below acknowledging that I have read and understand the Inter-League Player Code of Conduct and return it to the team coach.

Player’s Name: (print) _______________________________

I have read and understand the Inter-league Player Code of Conduct and agree to abide by its terms: Failure to comply with the above expectations may result in disciplinary action being taken, which could include suspension or termination from the program.

Player's signature: _______________________________________ Date: ___________

I, ___________________ (name of player’s parent or guardian) have read and

understand my child’s Player Code of Conduct and agree to its terms:

Parents signature: _______________________________________ Date: ___________

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