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~Welcome to the 2014 Fall Season~

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 If you are a new coach and you are not sure what to do, checkout the *new* Coaches Guide for information to get you started.


In 2011 MNSL made some exciting changes to the U12 and U10 format to improve player skill and to ensure that each player has more of an opportunity to enjoy the game.  The U12 division plays 8v8 and the U10 division plays 6v6 which translates into more opportunities for your child to touch the ball.  This, in turn, increases the skill levels of our players and produces more smiles as each child experiences being an integral part of the game.  In light of these changes, MNSL will be looking for a few more volunteer coaches for each season. It’s great fun, good exercise and another way to support your child. While coaching experience is desired at MNSL, it is not required.  Fortunately, there will be opportunities in July, August and mid-season to receive training at no cost to you.  So don’t be intimidated, we’ll show you the way.  


MNSL Rules


MNSL generally follows the the FIFA Laws of the Game and adheres to US Youth Soccer competitive mandates.  Please follow this link to see the rules and what every child will need - There are a few rules unique to our league which can be found here.

Coaches Information League Play

MNSL is a recreational soccer league – emphasis is on player development!


No running up the score. Up to a four goal differential is appropriate.

Home team is responsible for setting up the flags while the away team must remove the flags and turn off the lights.


U6 and U8 coaches must help set up and break down fields every Saturday morning.

Games must start on time - games will be shortened to prevent other games from starting late.
Players should be warmed up BEFORE the game starts. Please begin warming players up prior to game time.
Please visit for coaching drills and additional information.

No team can play or practice on any MNSL field if games are canceled.

We use collected ratings from prior year to form as evenly matched teams as possible. It is NOT a perfect system. If there are issues, please notify your DM or other BOD member.


At the end of the season we ask that you fill out an Evaluation form and assign ratings for all players in all Divisions.

Any teams playing in post season games (Andy Wilson Tournament or American Cup) must play with players rostered to them. No player(s) can be added to your team after Sept 16th. Players cannot change teams or drop out without notifying the Division Mgr. and Registrar.

If you learn of a player interested in playing in the league, refer the parent to the DM or the Registrar; don’t just invite them onto your team.

All schedules are posted on the website The schedule will also be posted at Livingston near the concession stand in the display case by the stand window. The schedule is always subject to change so go to the website frequently to check for updates.

Treat the fields as if they were your own front yard. Please help remove all trash at a minimum after each game your team participates in.

All coaches must sign a Coaches Code of Conduct Agreement and a Volunteer Disclosure form every two years. Corresponding background checks are conducted via the KidSafe system now supported by NHSA.
If you learn of someone (parent on team) interested in helping out with coaching, they MUST complete the volunteer coach’s disclosure form and Code of Conduct. Have them also contact Frank McBride, Director of

Equipment (PUGG nets, balls, cones) is distributed to the U6/U8 divisions only.

All teams MUST take a team picture - sponsors pay a lot of money and need to receive a team plaque with picture.

Ask a parent to help you organize snacks (U6 to U14).